Family-Owned Metal Fabrication & Blacksmith Shop

Eli, Fred, Bert & Mike - Sept 2014  - Metal Fabrication
Eli, Fred, Bert & Mike - Sept 2014

Welcome to Edlin & Son

Edlin & Son is a full-service welding, metal fabrication, and blacksmith shop. We are family-owned and have been located in Worcester, Massachusetts for more than 100 years. Dedicated to helping our customers, we offer a variety of quality and reliable services, with same-day appointments available. We offer everything from blacksmith services to welding services. Our specialty is small rush orders, including rounds, flats, squares, plates, tubes, angles, and structurals. There is no minimum.

Our daily work encompasses the welding, forging, and repair of these metals in a laid-back atmosphere. Our full-time crew of four men is waiting to accommodate your fabricating and repair needs in steel and aluminum. We focus on quality while bantering with customers about last night's hockey game or what the politicians are up to.

Some of Our Daily Operations Include:

• Pipe & Tube Bending
• Raw Material Sales
• Custom Anchor Bolts
• Forging
• Machining
• Antique Repair & Reproductions
• Railing Manufacturing
• Vulcan Tool Sales
• Welding
• Soldering
• Marine Repairs
• Farm Equipment Repairs

We also have a large, organized selection of raw materials for sale. Please explore our website further now and in the coming months for more information.

Contact us to request an estimate on how we can meet all your welding and metal fabrication needs at our blacksmith shop.

Blacksmithing in Worcester, MA since 1898


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